What we do?

Here is a brief summary of the services we have, for more information please send us an email to:

Web Developer

Despite being a young company HM Developer has more than 10 years of experience in Web programming, especially the languages of PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5. Always at the forefront, we use the latest technologies that ensure not only security but reliability in search engines. Our pages always respect the rules of the internet and are adapted to all platforms.

Web Marketing

More and more companies are betting on Internet-targeted marketing. That's why we have specialists who analyze the behavior of users who interact with your website, placing it prominently, especially for the father of all search engines, Google.

Business Software

The largest companies in Portugal followed the new technologies and bet on management programs customized to your company. At HM Developer we do the same and treat each client in an individualized and personalized way in order to get the most out of their resources. With these programs you manage to reduce, error, spreadsheets and also paper. Centralizing your entire company in one place.

Social Management

In addition to Google, Facebook and other social networks are key to expanding and spreading your business. At HM Developer we manage your social network in a personalized way with guarantees that your brand reaches the intended.


At HM Developer we have 3 generic hosting plans, with security and confidentiality. It allows the creation of several professional emails for your company. In addition to these pre-defined packages we also create customized hosting packages on a budget.

Technical Assistance

With more than 15 years of computer experience, here at HM Developer we repair computers, software installation, component replacement, remote training and / or presence. These services can also be done through a previously agreed time bank.

Sale of computers, printers, keyboards, mice, monitors, memories, disks, etc ...


Creating, customizing and updating Prefsuite Database, Prefsuite Installation and Training are some of the services for this budgeting software for Aluminum and PVC.

Web Design

At HM Developer we have a web design team that will help you to create and personalize your ideas. We create and built unique visual designs for each client, to showcase their products and captivate users.